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Tarina Tarantino’s love affair with fashion jewelry and accessories began when she was just a little girl. Tarina now owns and operates her famous global jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics brand, TARINA TARANTINO, out of her international headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, The Sparkle Factory. In her first book, Tarina invites you into her world to learn how to make and wear beautiful and inspirational fashion jewelry. Fashionistas, aspiring jewelry designers, and DIY lovers will learn how to make 20 of Tarina's most essential pieces including statement earrings, cocktail rings, hair jewelry, stretch cuff bracelets, embellished spectacles, and more. Fans of Tarina will also learn about her brand history, getting inspired, creating themes and stories, sourcing materials, essential tools and techniques, how to wear and style your jewelry wardrobe, and more. The text is complemented by tips and hundreds of full-color photos throughout.

Available for pre-order now!

Hello from The Sparkle Factory!

I am so excited to share the news that my beauty collections will soon be available right here at! If you are already a fan of TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY you will be happy to know that the entire collection will be going live next week with more exciting new seasonal collections coming soon. As a former makeup artist I have spent years dreaming of beauty products that I could never find, formulated with the highest quality, integrity and innovation. As a jewelry designer I wanted to create packaging inspired by the colorful and sparkling pieces in my collections. With TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY I have brought these two worlds together and hope you will be inspired to create unique makeup looks from sweet and pretty to fearlessly fantastical.

XOXO, Tarina

The Starlet collection celebrates the opulent style of the Roaring 20’s and the Starlet’s that lit up the silver screens, nickelodeons and arcades. Frolicking flappers or “Brinkley” girls as they were called, were the flashpoint of costume jewelry history. Motifs include tiny pennies, stars, quarters, cameos, enchanting seahorses and jalopy charms. The mixture of gold, silver, copper and hematite make this collection wearable with any outfit, day or night. Playful and glamorous the Starlet collection harkens back to Penny Arcades, Opulent Theaters, Dream Factorys and Hollywood nights.

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 1st, 2011) – At long last, a little extra sparkle will pulse through one of downtown L.A.’s main arteries as 908 S. Broadway transforms into the Sparkle Factory, a multi-use space that will be home to TARINA TARANTINO design headquarters, a production studio, art gallery, and TARINA TARANTINO concept jewelry boutique, and fittingly so, as the building has been a true diamond in the rough for so many years.

The 26,000-square-foot building was designed by Meyer and Holler, the architects responsible for brining such gems to Los Angeles as Grauman’s Chinese and Egyptian Theatres. For years, as Tarina and Alfonso would drive past the building, it was as though they were magically drawn to it. Something about this particular building spoke to them, from its endearingly weathered façade to its top relief that reminded them so much of a princess’s tiara. They dreamed of someday owning it and transforming it into the Sparkle Factory, a special place that would house their entire design studio and a boutique that would offer their customers a truly unique shopping experience. One day, as if fate had been watching all along, the building went up for sale.

After learning more of the building’s history, they were hooked. The building had originally belonged to L.L Burn’s, Western Costume Company, one of the most prominent during Hollywood’s Golden Age. In fact, ghosting images of what was once a prominent sign could still be seen on the back of the building. For Tarina and Alfonso, there was no turning back.

For Tarina and Alfonso, making 908 S. Broadway their home has been a long and enduring dream. "Broadway was the 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Rodeo Drive of its day, and we feel a new era is upon it. Broadway will undoubtedly become a destination and showcase for some of the best the city of Los Angeles has to offer.” The Sparkle Factory will be a great bookend to what is quickly becoming one of the most important streets in the city, and this is certainly not the end of the fairy tale that is the Sparkle Factory, it is only just beginning.

Be sure to follow the SPARKLE FACTORY!/sparklfactory

Arriving in Paris during the 20’s, Art Deco and its geometric exuberance presented a luscious and optimistic view of art and culture. Art Deco is heavily inspired by Cubism and Futurism, as well as Egyptian and Aztec composition. Tarina takes this complex confluence and refines it into one of her most classic collections to date. The Magic Mirror Collection uses stampings and vintage elements actually struck on equipment operating in the 20’s and 30’s. This moving and complex tribute to the pure decoration of the time is modernized with rare volcanic glass beads, high-tech fiber flocking, mirror-plated crystals, and cutting edge hematite electroplating.

Tarina's long-time obsession with the turn of the century is explored in this bristling presentation of high Victorian style. Considered the grandest form of 19th century jewelry craft, jet pieces dominated the finest parlors and social gatherings with their opulent austerity. Tarina was compelled to modernize and reinvent this legend and bring it back into the spotlight. When she was confronted with a complete lack of color, every element, every bead, and every crystal had to be chosen and composed to reflect the maximum light, not an easy task for exclusively black components. The result is a dazzling and completely new presentation of this mysterious and compelling material.

Growing up on a ranch, the ways of the cowboys were a daily routine for Tarina. Riding her favorite horses and caring for the animals instilled Tarina with a lifelong love of the early American West. The colors for the collection are taken from wild prairie roses, tooled saddle leather and lavender sage brush which stretches out as far as the eyes can see. Saloon girls, rodeo starlets, and early American homesteaders inspired the silhouettes and component choices for the collection. Embroidered patches with their one-of-a-kind western pop art motifs reminisce on poster images from the great touring Wild West shows. Look for genuine whip cord, hand worked glass opals, and vintage metal stampings.

Tarina has designed a special collection to commemorate her collaboration with beauty giant Paul Mitchell for the 2011 Holiday Season. Look for special hair care gift sets and Paul Mitchell Pro Tools emblazoned with classic TT designs, plus a new jewelry collection - Parlour Girl - celebrating the fun and glamour of getting all dolled up. Inspired by the world of hair artistry, this collection features an all-new Tarina portrait cameo, exclusive laser-etched lucite pendants, and a wild art direction and color concept reminiscent of London's Swinging Sixties.

Going to the mall in a white Trans-Am.
Crying at the Wham! Concert.
Carrying a brush in your back pocket.
Drinking Kool-aid on the grass.
Pouring quarters into the Donkey Kong machine at the gas station.
Dancing to Journey at the prom.
Babysitting and flirting with boys from the porch.
Practicing your E.S.P at a slumber party.
Frying your hair with Sun In.
Sky blue boom box?...Yes.
Pumping your perm in your locker mirror.
Living on the edge with glossed lips, tight jeans, and a kickstart heart.

Like a marble frieze being rendered in neon colors, this high energy collection electrifies classic cameo pieces with Tarina’s special brand of candy-colored pop. The searing colors play beautifully off the chalk white elements, and create an almost mesmerizing tension in the jewelry. Launch a simple look into the stratosphere with one of these pieces, or add them to your wildest looks and get ready for a neon showdown at the laser beam corral.

As a special "Thank You" to her fans, Tarina is giving away this Pink Head necklace - a $55 value - FREE* with any online order over $200. This 32" long necklace features a Pink Head Puff cameo pendant and comes with a special card autographed by Tarina herself!

*Order must total $200 or more before tax, shipping, and handling. Gift available while supplies last.

***Please note that this Gift with Purchase is no longer available***

Flirty and light, this nautical fantasy invokes 40’s postwar boom times and its exuberant optimism. Visions of hair ribbons fluttering in the sea breeze as lovers disembark from the enormous steamers and run into each others arms. Fizzing bubbles, creatures of the deep and vintage findings tell the glittering story of sea-faring fantasies. Tarina reaches out with this collection as an inspiration in these hard times to remind us how strong we are, and that we are setting sail for calm seas and clear skies. Ahoy!...Love!...Sparkle!

Throughout Tarina’s life she has been obsessed with the demure elegance and whimsy of Bakelite jewelry. Her Strange Delight collection recalls the comforting touch and luscious weight of this much loved man-made material. In designing the collection, Tarina has drawn inspiration from world renowned mobile artists Alexander Calder and Joan Miro, as well as the irreverent humor of surrealists Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali. Tarina has delved deep into her archives and introduced never before seen beads, crystal collets, and blindingly brilliant Comet crystals. This collection is a tour de force of color and form, injected with bubbling humor, enthusiasm, and the absolute gravity of pleasure.

Influenced by soaring Moorish architecture and dusty Turkish horizons, Tarina conjures up images of sun drenched vistas and regal exoticism with her stunning Topkapi collection. The most infamous and opulent harem in the world, Istanbul’s mythical Topkapi Palace lends its influence with dazzling geometric tiling and throbbing jewel tones encrusted with a king’s ransom of exquisite gold and silver crystals. Follow along in the scorching heat as Tarina takes you on a private crusade through palace doors, fragrant pools, and the lives of the most adorned women in history.

Exploding with snarling attitude and mind blowing sparkle, Tarina’s Beastly Bijoux introduces all new animal pavé patterns that replicate the skin texture of dinosaurs, toads, and stingrays. Bolted-on solid steel claws and spikes ask the question… “Do you like playing with fire?” Each piece has the namesake of one of Tarina’s favorite female rock idols. Wear at your own risk and take a dip in the danger zone!

If your online order totals over $100 (after any tax and discounts are applied) we'll ship it to you FREE! Just be sure to choose USPS Priority Mail at checkout.

Jump seat jalopy joy ride rushing into Harlem on the crowded evening streets- you better get uptown to get down! Speakeasy supper club patrons in their finest evening wear crowd the darkness, the curtain comes up, and it's all juke-joint big band brassy burlesque bounce.

Hand-carved monkey mayhem, witchdoctor skull dollies, and white tie catcalls rush the dance floor. Showgirls swish and stomp as the cheetah roars and tickled ivorette components jangle the mini pavé bananas. Voodoo Skidoo!

Garish carousel horses spin and swoon in their tattered pastel regalia. Tilt-a-Whirl is a love affair with the carnival in all its chipped and rusted glory. Swoops and dives that leave you gasping for breath, mile-high candy floss, and melting sno-cones converging in a dusty summer sunset. Folk art beads, micro embroideries, and candy striped components pair with the gorgeous coral-pink of rare Padparadscha crystal. Come take a walk through the noisy midway and steal a kiss in the wild fantastico lighting.

The heavily embellished legend of St. Valentine recounts him secretly marrying soldiers before they were sent off to battle. Tarina was so inspired by this legend that she wanted to design her own heavily embellished version of Valentine's Day. Three different collections for three different points of view: the clustered pink hearts in the "I Love Hearts" Collection represent true love, the translucent reds of "Bleeding Hearts" invoke the delicious pain of unrequited love, and the all-black "I Hate Hearts" Collection goes out to the love warriors heading into battle.

Alone on the outskirts of star nurseries, gravity wells, and pre-planetary masses, our Gentle Kosmonaut is the lonely vagabond of the outer reaches. In a dream state her tiny ship passes through the dusty gauze of galactic horizons, witnessing events most of us can never imagine. The ephemera and souveneirs of her journey - space debris, rare crystal formations, and uncategorized stellar magic - help her build her own companion family. Soft colors paired with mercury toned components shuttle her through black diamonds, light amethyst and delicious erinite. Soft tinkling charms and her robotic friends remind her of the motherland.

Shadow over shade storm into opulence. Metallic glint bristles with the dark energy of the city. Headlights, streetlights and smoky dangerlight wash over smashed glass and steel beam towers. Spectacular cut glass stones, hints of aged metallics and Swarovski showers embody the peril and the roaring electricity of our favorite imaginary metropolis.

Check out the TARINA TARANTINO 2010 Wishbook...full of gift ideas hand-picked by Tarina herself!

Click here to download it for free...

Couldn't make it to the TT Soho Boutique to meet Tarina for Fashion's Night Out? Catch her again spinning tunes at the Sephora store on 5th Avenue later tonight!

SEPHORA 5th Avenue: 9:30 - 10:30pm, Friday 9/10
597 5th Ave. between 48th and 49th
Take a musical journey inspired by the Starchild Odyssey Beauty Collection with Tarina on the DJ decks spinning her favorite cosmic tunes!

Join Tarina for Fashion's Night Out in New York!
Friday, September 10th from 6:30 - 10:30pm
to celebrate her new collection: STARCHILD ODYSSEY

TARINA TARANTINO Soho Boutique: 6:30 - 8:30pm
117 Greene St. Soho, NY 10012
Get styled by Tarina as you enjoy sparkling refreshments and check out the Starchild Odyssey Acessories Collection. Plus, every purchase of $50 or more qualifies you to win a special Starchild package with TARINA TARANTINO cosmetics, crystallized headphones, and more!

SEPHORA 5th Avenue: 9:30 - 10:30pm
597 5th Ave. between 48th and 49th
Take a musical journey inspired by the Starchild Odyssey Beauty Collection with Tarina on the DJ decks spinning her favorite cosmic tunes!

Join Team Sparkle to celebrate Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles!

TARINA TARANTINO Melrose Boutique: 6:00 - 10:00pm
7957 Melrose Avenue, L.A. CA 90046
Enjoy sweet treats, bubbly refreshments, and the musical stylings of DJ Carlos Rossi while you shop - and be sure to check out the limited edition "L.A. Is My Homegirl" Collection designed exclusively for FNO L.A. Plus, every purchase over $50 enters you to win a special gift package of jewelry and makeup with a value of over $500!

Feminine and sexy, a collection meant for you and your special someone…the Tuxedo Lingerie Collection evokes the private luxurious moments after a glamorous night out. The classic color palette of Nude and Jet is dusted delicately with crystal and pearls. Delicate bows, hearts traced with crystal borders and necklaces tied with sensual soft velvet bows add to the black-tie feel. Heart-shaped earrings dangle just above the collar bone and floral cameos accent lockets and bracelets. For your sweetheart, or just for you!

The news is out - TARINA TARANTINO is launching a cosmetics collection! Available only in Sephora stores starting in early Spring 2010, the line was announced at an exclusive event last night in NYC. You can see some photos and read more about it on Sephora's Beauty and the Blog or on Check out more exclusive photos in the Gallery section, and be sure to sign up on to find out launch dates and more!

Inspired by the views from her home in the Hollywood Hills, Tarina introduces the Magic Hour Collection. This violet- and amber-filled collection evokes the hour of light that fills the Los Angeles sky just after the sunset. Taking inspiration from the 1970's bohemian L.A lifestyle, the influences include Seventies style icon Talitha Getty and the sounds of Buffalo Springfield on the record player. Influences of macramé sculptures can be seen in the Lucite filigree earrings layered with crystal and vintage resin flowers. Sparkling crystal patterns and pave crystal hearts shimmer like the air that fills the canyon basins at night. The collection finishes with a group of wrapped headbands and anywhere clips that evoke tapestry rugs from Marrakesh. Now available online for Fall and Holiday 2009!

On Tuesday, June 9th, Warner Bros., FIDM, and TARINA TARANTINO teamed up to present the Inspirations of Oz Fine Art Exhibition and launch the new TT collection, "My Pretty" - along with the campaign book of the same name.

Debi Mazar, George Lopez, Nick Verreos, and many others were on hand to sip "Ozmopolitans" and take in the re-interpreted Ruby Slippers by noted designers and the Inspirations of Oz art exhibits. On display were props and accessories featured in the latest Oz-themed TARINA TARANTINO Collection Book, "My Pretty."

To see more photos from the event take a look at our Gallery section, and to learn more about the exhibition, please visit FIDM's website!

On Sunday June 7, Tarina was one of many celebrity guests in the Wizard of Oz booth at “A Time for Heroes” Celebrity Picnic in Los Angeles. This charity carnival, hosted by Disney, benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics Foundation in their 20th year. Tarina had the pleasure of hanging out with friends like Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey, and ran into Heidi Klum, "The Hills" stars Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth, and many more. Just as exciting, this was the first debut of the brand new TARINA TARANTINO "My Pretty" catalog which launches later this week!

Olimpiadi del Cuore (Olympics of the Heart) is a benefit event held Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy to raise money for the "Friend Ship Power" - an aid organization to help the underprivilleged children at the Moralagawattha Village (Pilana) in southwest Sri Lanka.

On May 31st, Italian celebrities such as Federica Panicucci, Mascia Ferri, Paolo Gasparini, and many more were asked to personalize 25 TARINA TARANTINO necklaces, attaching charms and signing the pieces to make them one-of-a-kind. These limited edition pieces were then sold at the Olimpiadi del Cuore and the money raised was donated to the charity.

To see more images of the event, please visit our Gallery page!

Inspired by favorite places around the world, TARINA TARANTINO announces the release of her new collection, City Girl. For each city Tarina has created an iconic girl who represents the essence of the city and the chic women who live there. The first up is LOS ANGELES, Tarina's favorite city in the world - and the place she calls home.

Our Los Angeles CITY GIRL grew up on the East Side, shops on Melrose, and hangs out in Hollywood. Taking inspiration from all over the City of Angels, this girl wears L.A. on her sleeve - literally. Sugar skulls, or calaveras, from the Day of the Dead celebration on Olvera Street appear on new stones, while the roses from Pasadena highlight necklaces and earrings. The muted palate of old Hollywood films - grey, gold, silver, black and white - inspire the colors and crystals used in this collection. The rays behind our L.A. CITY GIRL shine like the warm California sun. Star- and angel-shaped beads are the literal interpretation of the city and its inhabitants. The collection is baroque, ornate, and full of special details...and in true TARINA TARANTINO style there is always sparkle.

For Summer 2009, Tarina introduces her latest collection, Electric Koolade. Inspired by the rave culture of the mid 1990s and the current revival of acid tones from that era, this collection takes a fantastical journey through the outdoor musical festivals worldwide - including Coachella in Indio, California, and Glastonbury in the UK. Bands such as MGMT, hyper-psychedelia, and neon-bohemian music culture also influence the colorful hairpieces and sparkling floral necklaces with mixmatched elements and various components including coconut shell flowers and resin bangles. Many pieces from the collection are made from refurbished or vintage stones and components, adding elements of eco-friendliness and customized diy fashion. Take a trip into endless summer with this colorful new collection!

New York Fashion Week brings out the fashion elite...including Tarina! She was there over the weekend as Barbie celebrated her 50th anniversary with a special runway show, watching from the front row with other fashionistas such as Heidi Klum, Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler, and America's Next Top Model's J. Alexander. Check out the Gallery section for more pictures from the event and more from Tarina's trip to New York!

Politics are in the air and have inspired this capsule collection called “Liberty Loves Company." It celebrates the sweet nostalgia of Old Glory, Uncle Sam, Honest Abe and Americana. It also takes inspiration from a bygone era of political jewelry; a time when political decorum was part of the fun. Non-partisan and playful, it’s the perfect collection for all the political “partying” this season.

TARINA TARANTINO accessories have been featured all over the world, and now are regularly appearing in the CW's trendsetting hit show Gossip Girl! Click on the image at right to see stills from the show, and visit our As Seen On... section to put together your own high-fashion look.

You saw Tarina's appearance as a guest judge and designer on last week's episode of America's Next Top Model and watched Elina win the Posing Challenge. But you didn't see part of her prize - her own photo shoot for an upcoming TARINA TARANTINO campaign! Time ran too short to televise it on the episode, but you can take a look behind the scenes of the shoot where Elina was transformed into a haute couture, anime-inspired, candy-colored princess.

Keep checking back to see the official photos!

This Wednesday, September 10th, Tarina Tarantino appeared as the featured guest designer and guest judge on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model!

The episode will rerun on Sunday, September 14th at 8pm, so check your local listings for times and channels.

Everyone's talking about the Pink Plastic Party of the Year, held at the TARINA TARANTINO Melrose Boutique! The back of the store was transformed into Tarina Barbie's Dream House, complete with crystallized walls, a comfy bed for guests, a sparkling bar in the kitchen, and pictures from Barbie's travels around the world. Celebrity guests like Lisa Edelstein, Margaret Cho, and Madeline Zima sipped pink drinks and nibbled on doll-sized burgers and teeny pizzas. With everybody dressed to the nines, it truly was a sparkling pink evening.

Read more in Tarina's Butterfly Journal and check out all the pictures in the Gallery and the Sparkling Stars sections! Plus, see coverage from the Pink Carpet on the WireImage Entertainment Report and Hollywood Live!

...Why, it's the new TARINA TARANTINO Barbie® Doll, available this July!

Capturing the nostalgic charm and colorful sparkle of the TARINA TARANTINO world comes Tarina's first Barbie® Doll. Inspired by “a day in the life” of the designer, this doll seems to step right out of the famous Sparkle Factory where Tarina creates her collections. From her glam tiara and sparkling necklaces to her pink ring, bracelets and Barbie® accented belt, this doll is all about the accessories. The TT Barbie® Doll features the designer’s signature fuchsia hair, which was painstakingly color-matched. The doll also features a beautiful, sweet summery light green dress dusted with tiny glittering crystals. Tarina worked closely with the Barbie® Doll design team at Mattel on every detail including the packaging, which was designed to resemble her flagship Los Angeles boutique.

This limited edition doll is part of Mattel’s “Gold Label” collection and was designed especially for Barbie® by Tarina Tarantino. It will only be available at TT Boutiques, exclusive stores, and, and they're sure to sell out fast! But if you send us an email at with your full name and contact information, we'll put you on the preorder list and you will be the first to be notified when the doll goes on sale on the website.

And as a special "Thank You" to all our website customers, any TARINA TARANTINO Barbie® doll ordered through will come with an exclusive one-of-a-kind free Gift worth $55.00!

Everything we create is handmade at The Sparkle Factory in downtown Los Angeles, U.S.A. We feel that it is important to share with you what it is you are buying when you choose to purchase something from TARINA TARANTINO.

Here at the Sparkle Factory we hand craft all of our jewelry, handbags and accessory collections, utilizing the finest materials. In a world that is increasingly giving less value to the origin of a product, we feel it is important to make something that we can feel good about offering and you can feel good about buying. This shouldn’t be, but is becoming a rare luxury in todays throw away fashion culture.

The costume jewelry and handbag industry are some of the worst offenders when it comes to sweatshops, unfair labor practices and counterfeiting. Buying counterfeit goods also contributes to human trafficking and global terrorism.

We are doing our small part to combat all of these things and so are you when you invest in something special made at the Sparkle Factory in downtown Los Angeles, U.S.A.

When Tarina Tarantino fan Betsy Boyle spotted the HELLO KITTY PINK HEAD By TARINA TARANTINO Bridal Collection upon its launch she knew she wanted to be a sparkling bride. Her love of TARINA TARANTINO accessories had to extend to her wedding look and she knew it wouldn't be complete without the PINK HEAD earrings, bracelet and GARTER! Even the bridal party gifts were TARINA TARANTINO. Each one of her bridesmaids was given their own set of Pink Head earrings...except for the Maid of Honor - it took right up until the actual ceremony for Betsy to realize that she didn't have pierced ears! Luckily the sparking star that Betsy is, she had an extra "I LOVE YOU" necklace on hand to gift her. Every member of the bridal party had a gorgeous piece of TARINA TARANTINO to wear for the special night and even the groom sported a necklace as a pocket watch chain. She was kind enough to send these gorgeous pictures of herself, her husband Larry, and her bridesmaids, all wearing TT - click on the picture at the left to view. Congratulations Betsy and Larry on a sparkling wedding and a sparkling life together!

NYLON Magazine features the Limited Edition Gothic Lolita Pink Head Crown Headband in their March 2008 issue. This couture piece with its hand-beaded wire crown perched atop a ribbon-wrapped headband is so exclusive, it can only be purchased at TARINA TARANTINO Boutiques or by special order. To inquire about the Gothic Lolita Crowns, please email us at

Inspired by the Gothic Lolita girls she met in Tokyo, Tarina has created a very exclusive line of "petit chapeau" hats. Each one is a work of art in itself, designed to perch on the top of the head for a sweet Victorian look.

However, since these pieces are exclusive limited editions, they can only be purchased at the Melrose and Soho boutiques. Stop by or call one of our stores to get yours before your New Year's Eve parties begin!

7957 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

117 Greene Street
Soho, NY 1001

Pantone has been interviewing designers and other creative types to find out their signature colors, and has gathered them all together in their myColor myIdea site. Check out Tarina's interview !

During Milan Fashion Week 2007 Tarina Tarantino opened a store in one of the hottest shopping districts in the world...and it was all caught on film! This mini series documents the preparation for the TARINA TARANTINO Milan Grand Opening Party and the launch of the latest collection, Tokyo Hardcore. Follow Tarina as she goes backstage to meet famous Italian designers after their runway shows; dine with one of her idols, Elio Fiorucci, and visit his design studio; and attend many other fun events during Milan's famous Fashion Week. Now catch the second and third installments on CurrentTV and YouTube and stay tuned for Episode 4!

TARINA TARANTINO presents a special in-store event with Tarina and model Jeffree Star at the Melrose Boutique on Saturday, December 15th! Tarina and Jeffree will be on hand to sign copies of the TOKYO HARDCORE Collection Book. Only 20 books sold exclusively at this event will contain a winning PINK TICKET for a one of a kind, Limited Edition piece of TARINA TARANTINO Jewelry!

Saturday, December 15th
4:00 to 7:00 pm
7957 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
for more information, call the store at 323.651.5155

During Milan Fashion Week 2007 Tarina Tarantino opened a store in one of the hottest shopping districts in the world...and it was all caught on film! This mini series, featured on CurrentTV and YouTube, documents the preparation for the TARINA TARANTINO Milan Grand Opening Party and the launch of the latest collection, Tokyo Hardcore. Follow Tarina as she goes backstage to meet famous Italian designers after their runway shows; dine with one of her idols, Elio Fiorucci, and visit his design studio; and attend many other fun events during Milan's famous Fashion Week. Watch the first episode here or here and stay tuned for the following episodes coming soon!

From time to time we like to feature stores around the country that carry TARINA TARANTINO. Our latest profile: Rosie True in Jacksonville, Florida!

A little bit about the stores:
"We’re a one-of-a-kind retailer of fine clothing and accessories in northeast Florida, known by our loyal customers for a great shopping experience and a blend of relaxed yet sophisticated style. Since opening the first Rosie True in Jacksonville’s historic San Marco Square in 1999, we’ve added two more boutiques in Jacksonville Beach and Julington Creek with plans for an online Rosie True by November of this year."

Why they love TARINA TARANTINO accessories:
"How can we not love it? The first time we saw a piece of TT jewelry we were hooked and knew that our customers would be too! Our amazing customers embraced not only the jewelry, but the brand whole-heartedly. Ask any of our long time patrons about the Tarina Tarantino line and they can recite the full history of the brand, sometimes better than we can! Those that are new to the line are just as eager to find out all they can about the creative genius behind this sparkling jewelry we can’t live without!"

Rosie True stores are located at:
1960 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl 32207 904.396.7463
2400-104 S. 3rd Street. Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250 904.247.8464
108 Bartram Oaks Walk Suite 107. Jacksonville Fl 32259 904.230.7750
or visit them online at

You've seen the first teaser, now check out the all new installment of TOKYO HARDCORE: Behind The Scenes!

The first installment in this series that takes you behind the scenes of the brand new TOKYO HARDCORE Catalogue starring Davey Havok (of AFI and Blaqk Audio) and Jeffree Star can be seen exclusively on And be sure to check out Tarina's Journal section for lots of insider information and a special commentary by Davey himself!

To receive special bulletins and see the videos before anybody else, be sure to sign up for the Sparkling Style Report!

*WARNING* The videos on this page are intended for mature viewers only!

The Four Row Gold and Silver Bead Necklace was featured on the cover of Women's Wear Daily:

"All that glitters may be gold, silver, or jeweled these days; as long as it shimmers, anything goes. Here, some pieces that fit the bill: Miu Miu's jeweled metallic leather shoe, Tarina Tarantino's necklace in silver and gold-plated metal with a Swarovski crystal and Anya Hindmarch's leather clutch."

The 2007 issue of Los Angeles Magazine's Best of L.A. features Tarina, Fred Hayman, and Peggy Moffitt as fashion icons who defy trends:

"In Los Angeles, an original look can be more eye-catching than pure beauty. A handful of fashion veterans have become icons by defying trends rather than following them. A decade ago, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino dipped into fuchsia hair dye, inspired not by punk rock but by the cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake. 'There's really no other color for me," says Tarantino, who is often asked what her next hair color will be. She walked down the aisle with pink hair, and her two daughters don't know her any other way. Now a doll will be mimicking Tarantino: Mattel is launching a Barbie next year with hair matched to a lock of 'Tarina Pink.'

To read more of the article, click on the picture at left!

TARINA TARANTINO is proud to announce the opening of their sparkling Italian flagship boutique in Milan! It opened for business in the center of the city this Monday the 23rd, and will have its Grand Opening party this September during Milan Fashion Week.

Whether you're a resident or just visiting, if you're in Italy the store is definitely a must-see, featuring a two-level shopping experience with all the latest collections and a one of a kind glittering butterfly chandelier designed especially for Milan by Tarina!

For a closer look, check out the photos in the Gallery section, or better yet, visit the store:
Via Borgogna, 1
20122 Milano - Italia
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Hilary Duff wore the Tokyo Hardcore Swarovski Crystal Cuff during a recent concert at Popstarz in Los Angeles!

An indie favorite, British girl-group the Pipettes wore TARINA TARANTINO for their latest photo campaign, shot by Pamela Littky. Get their retro-inspired look on the front page with the Small Lucite Mod Bracelets in Jet, White, and Cherry, the Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Headband in Black, the Queen Alice Mod Ring in Black, and the Three Row Lucite Choker in Jet.

Or try their look at left with the Grosgrain Ribbon Anywhere Clip in White, the Barbie™ Double Pearl Earrings in Gold, and the Large Carved Rose Bracelet in Turquoise.

Two of Tarina's fans from Japan made her this adorable hand-painted Pink Head birthday on the image at left to read it!

Online city guide LA.COM interviewed Tarina about her favorite places in Los all about it here or click on the picture to the left!

The sparkling Soho store is open in New York, and everybody's talking about it! says, "And the award for our favorite new store goes to...TARINA TARANTINO. With a flagship store in L.A., Tarina has now opened a Soho boutique in New York. Made to look like a giant jewelry box, the storefront is the perfect way to display her signature designs, which are equal parts punk (featuring lots of skulls and black) and girlie-girl (she is most famous for her Barbie jewelry and diamante tiaras). With sparkly jewelry, crystal-framed buckle belts, cute mini handbags, and Pink Head and Barbie accessories, there's something for every jewelry lover."

Canadian magazine FQ says, "Glittering from afar, the new TARINA TARANTINO boutique is like a giant jewel box. The inside of the shop, pretty in pink and green, is adorned with the designer's signature crystallized hardware, candy-coloured displays, and huge jars of luminous beads. Tarantino, known for her colourful, sparkling jewellery designs - not to mention her vast celeb clientele - also has stores in L.A., Milan, and Osaka. For her New York outpost, she chose the coolest block in Soho: her retail neighbours include Anna Sui, A Bathing Ape, Kirna Zabete, and Taschen. For optimum fun, there is a custom vanity where shoppers are invited to sit down and play dress-up with the dazzling mix of exclusive couture and costume jewellery."

Click on the photo at right to see more images of the store!

Barbie™ only makes public appearances every so often, and when she does, she goes in style. So it's only natural that when she apppered in person in front of a crowd in Germany at the Nuremburg Toy Fair for Mattel's Perfectly Pink Party, she wore the Barbie™ by TARINA TARANTINO Pearl Choker, the Double Pearl Earrings, and the matching Pearl Bracelet.

As part of Oscar Week, Tarina Tarantino and 20 other world renowned designers were commissioned by Swarovski to create a unique catwalk look for their "Runway Rocks" fashion show. From the crystal-embellished vinyl jacket and minidress to the sparkling tights and Lucite shoes, Tarina's total look was completely one of a kind, and showcased her custom-designed couture jewelry - a cascading waterfall necklace made of crystal and lucite butterflies, a sparkling butterfly headband, and stacks and stacks of glittering crystal bracelets. For more information on this event, click on

Avril Lavigne is a girl who knows what she wants. When it came time to promote her new album, Lavigne had top L.A. stylist, Jessica Paster, call TARINA TARANTINO for some powerful and sophisticated pieces including the Enameled Metal Skull Pendant Necklace as seen here on her new album cover.

Avril also wears the Victorian Punk Cameo Bow Anywhere Clip and Cast Metal Cameo Necklace.

Our favorite "brainy actress" and star of the TT film The Making of HOLLYWOODWONDERLAND appeared out and about at New York Fashion Week accessorized with the Elephant Charm Necklace and was featured in the NY Daily News Front Page section of their website:

"Illeana Douglas, looking adorable in her cream ruched Nanette Lepore dress at the designer's show Sunday, accessorized with chains of Tarina Tarantino's elephants. The brainy actress' step-grandma was Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas, who lost her Senate race against Richard Nixon when he called her 'pink down to her underwear' and she called him "Tricky Dick." Douglas told us, 'I love elephants,' adding that she doesn't mind that the GOP got the pachyderm as a symbol when Dems have a donkey. 'All animals are beautiful,' she said."

L.A. Weekly reporter Linda Immediato features Tarina and the Barbie™ by TARINA TARANTINO Collection in the latest La Vida section of the L.A. Weekly. Click on the picture at left to see more, or click here to read the full article on the Weekly's online site!

As part of her Style File feature on Jeffery Sebelia, Jillian Barberie Reynolds of Good Day L.A. features clips from the TT short film The Making of HOLLYWOODWONDERLAND and showcases the catalogue itself. To watch the GDLA segment, click here.

The long-awaited New York outpost of TARINA TARANTINO is now open! Stop by our sparkling boutique in the heart of Soho and try on all the new collections...

The TT Soho store is located at:
117 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012

The new store is also hiring full-time Retail Associates! Call the store at 212-226-6953 or click here for more information...

Tarina has teamed up with famed fashion designer Louis Verdad for L.A. Fashion Week, sending his models down the runway wearing original TT pieces with his Spring Collection. There were giant-sized baubles made especially for the event, but lots of items from the Hippie Princess, Pearl, and Mod Collections were showcased together with Verdad's designs. These special limited-edition pieces are available upon request through the website. Click on the picture at left to see more images from the fashion show!

Tarina was recently invited to participate in the "FitzuGrandPrix," a collection of Fitzu PLAYSAM cars created by designers from around the world. The finished cars will be auctioned off to benefit the World Childhood Foundation at the FitzuGrandPrix Event on October 19. Click here to read more!

"When it comes to creating accessories," says the article in WWD Accessories, "Tarina Tarantino can't resist whimsy. So it's not suprise that when Tarantino made her first visit this spring to Tokyo, where many of the women embrace the same sense of play, the designer found a home away from home.

'It's the culture of cuteness,' the L.A.-based Tarantino explains. 'And the women have such a great sense of style. They accessorize everything.'

Tarantino created a photographic diary of her trip to Tokyo, including the people and places that inspired her, even though she will be getting to know the city and other foreign locales better. After over a decade in business, she is growing the retail side of her label that she cofounded with her husband, Alfonso Campos. Tarantino was in Tokyo to launch her first shop there in the Takashimaya department store in the Shinjuku district.

In addition, Tarantino will take on the New York retail market, anticipating the opening of a 500-square-foot flagship in lower Manhattan at 117 Greene Street this September during New York Fashion Week.

Tarantino says now that she has spent time in Tokyo, she realizes the street style there is completely different than that in New York. She, however, doesn't worry that her stores will have trouble bridging the gap.

'For example, in Japan, you may see even conservative older women carrying a cell phone that has all these adorable charms hanging off of it, and I'm not sure you would see that in New York,' says Tarantino. 'But I think there's a very funky customer in New York as well, one who is definitely willing to mix it up.'"

The TARINA TARANTINO in-store boutique in department store Takashimaya has opened in Osaka, Japan! Be sure to visit it:

Takashimaya Osaka, First Floor
5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku
Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

Artist and photographer Adam Wallacavage, known for his quirky and beautiful "octopus" chandeliers, has collaborated with Tarina Tarantino for his latest piece, a glistening pink chandelier with octopus arms, starfish, and ninety glass pearl strands with Swarovski crystals. A special project room installation of this and five other new chandeliers called Il Lume Della Piovra showed at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York last week. You can see photos of the installation on the gallery's website,

TARINA TARANTINO announces plans to open their flagship store in New York in WWD's Findings column:

"Tarina Tarantino will paint the town pink this fall. The Los Angeles-based designer, known for her fuchsia tresses and crystal-embellished whimsical accessories, plans to open a 500-square-foot New York flagship in September. The store will be at 117 Greene Street in lower Manhattan and will launch a kickoff party during New York Fashion Week.

The boutique will carry the TARINA TARANTINO Collection, including jewelry, hair accessories, bridal goods, pet offerings, baby goods, belts, and handmade semiprecious items, as well as the firm's co-branding project with Mattel Inc's Barbie Luxe and with Sanrio called Pink Head. There will also be offerings exclusive to the New York location.

Tarantino has stores in Los Angeles and Milan. She is set to open more than a dozen boutiques in Japan during the next three years through a recently inked distribution deal with Itochu Corp."

Click on the picture to the left to read the whole article!

The Los Angeles Times interviews Tarina on her store, her style, and her inspiriation:

"With a pink lemonade-colored resin floor, apothecary jars filled with beads, porcelain cameos of the designer for drawer pulls, and crystal flower jewelry blooming from every shelf, the L.A. store feels like a shopper's Candy Land.

'You'd think it would look like Liberace,' says Tarantino. 'But it's actually an homage to my great-grandmother Matilda Anderson, who collected curiosities. She had little shelves filled with Mason jars of sea glass, buttons, beads and vintage jewelry that I used to play with.'

In the next few weeks, Tarantino will roll out a second collaborative collection with Mattel's Barbie. 'Barbie has been every designer's inspiration,' says Tarantino, who searched for a fresh spin by scouring the Mattel archives, looking at artwork and packaging. Pieces are designed around images of Barbie from the last five decades such as the 1950s Princess Barbie with her long lashes and high ponytail and 1980s Rainbow Barbie with flowing blond locks. Tarantino also designed a few pieces that Barbie herself might have worn, such as a choker of gumball-sized pink pearls. 'When you wear them, you become a giant Barbie doll.'

Tarantino's business is still privately owned and self-financed. Though most costume jewelry is now made in Asia, hers is assembled in downtown Los Angeles, using Swarovski crystals from Austria and Lucite beads that are poured, molded and tumbled for a few hours or a few weeks in German factories. The cameo-like Barbie and Hello Kitty stones are silk-screened and lacquered, instead of the cheaper alternative — sealing a photocopied image under a plastic dome.

Although Tarantino claims to ignore trends, her owl-shaped bead bracelets and crystal-studded daisy pendants are spot on for this summer's 1970s revival. She produces more than 15 collections a year, between the collaborative lines and her own, which add up to hundreds of pieces."

To read the entire article, go to or click on the image at left.

The news is out! WWD reports on the upcoming BARBIE™ by TARINA TARANTINO Collection:

"Tarina Tarantino is expanding her 10-year-old accessories empire with help from the iconic doll. She is preparing to launch her cobranding partnership with Mattel Inc.'s Barbie Luxe brand in May. Tarantino mined Mattel's vast archive dating to Barbie's birth in 1959 and printed images of the doll on Lucite stones tinted with colorful backgrounds for her pieces. 'With this collection, we're doing not only jewelry and belts, but also a handbag line that will launch in August,' Tarantino said of the new label, BARBIE by TARINA TARANTINO."

Click on the image at left to read the entire article!

Singer Lisa Loeb has a new show on the E! network called #1 SINGLE, and the premiere epsode catches Lisa enjoying herself at the grand opening of the TARINA TARANTINO store on Melrose Avenue! You can see the episode, which premiered on Sunday, January 22nd, all week on E! For more information and airtimes, be sure to check out and Lisa's own site at

With model Angela Lindvall and husband Alfonso in tow, Tarina paid a visit to the TT Melrose store's new neighbor - designer Paul Smith. The opening of his West Coast flagship boutique drew celebrities like actress Joy Bryant and the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones. Read the article in WWD by clicking on the picture of Paul and Tarina at right, and be sure to check out the Gallery for more pictures of the sparkling night!

Paris Hilton stepped out in style at L.A.'s Fashion Week, showing her taste for TARINA TARANTINO accessories! Walking the runway at the 2BFree fashion show, she wore exclusively TT - including a Pink Head-themed ensemble featuring the Mascot Drop Earrings, the Russian Nouveau Extra Large Cameo Ring, the Oval Crystal Cocktail Ring, and the stunning Russian Nouveau Crystal Tiara. Out on the town, she wore the Spring Silk Flower Anywhere Clip and the Large Poppy Anywhere Clip. Click on the picture of Paris to the left to see her sparkling looks!

From WWD, October 11th: "Bijou Phillips, Marley Shelton, Alexandra von Furstenberg, Lisa Loeb and Illeana Douglas - and her little pooch Godfrey - were among the pals of Tarina Tarantino who walked the hot-pink carpet Wednesday for the grand opening of the designer's pink-washed boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles...Tarantino welcomed what had to be the most sparkling hundreds of guests at a recent party - thanks to all the Swarovski-speckled Tarantino jewelry and hair accessories they were drenched in. Inside a tent at the back, the powder-pink poufs and crystal lamps furthered the notion of a jewel box - all the way to the live ballerina who posed and gently turned on a centerpiece platform."

To read the full article, click on the picture of Tarina and Jennifer Tilly on the left. To see more pictures of the party, be sure to check out the Gallery, the Sparkling Stars page, and of course Tarina's Butterfly Journal, which describes her party experience in sparkling detail!

Hello Kitty Pink Head has been on a magical journey to the palaces, cathedrals, and landscapes of Russia. She has brought back stories, charms and souvenirs, and all are included in this new fairytale collection. Click on the picture at left to read more about it!

Women's Wear Daily covers the new store opening on Melrose Avenue...

"Tarina Tarantino is known for never skimping on her whimsical jewlery, beltbuckles or hair accessories, be it in the generous use of Swarovski crystals, German Lucite beads, or hand-painted Japanese pearls threading through her collections. So when it came to creating a sign for her first stand-alone boutique, the hot pink-tressed designer wasn't about to settle by seeing her name in lights. Instead, she spelled it out above the front door in 10,000 jet black Swarovski crystals.

The new door comes as the Los Angeles-based company marks its 10th anniversary. The sparkle just begins with the sign. The pink, poured-resin floor glitters, and lines of crystals twinkle from the edges of everything from the drawer knobs to the speakers embedded in the walls. Indeed, what doesn't sparkle 'floats.' Bracelets and earrings dangle from clear Plexiglas bars. The clear and walnut cash-and-wrap table is suspended on a bulbous, tear-shaped resin leg. Two vanity areas allow customers to take a seat at a pink suede, curved-back chair, place findings on a tray that pulls out from the wall, and play dress-up in front of one of the back-lit oval mirrors that punctuate the space.

'We wanted this sense of discovery and play for the place,' Tarantino said. 'It's like a candy store.'"

To read the entire article, click on the picture at left.

Congratulations to the winner of our sparkling "Be Tarina" contest CAROLYN BRADEN!! The decision was not easy as we received hundreds of submissions - thank you to everyone who sent in their story and pictures! Tarina was thrilled and overwhelmed to read what everyone had written. Here's an excerpt from Carolyn's story, "The Inspiration I Needed:"

"I am incredibly inspired by Tarina Tarantino.  I’ve loved her jewelry since first seeing Cameron Diaz wearing one of Tarina's necklaces.  I went to the Tarina Tarantino website and spent hours admiring all the sparkling jewelry.  I read Tarina’s story about how her husband was so supportive and helped her make what she loved into her career.  I’ve always thought I would start a business as well.  After reading how Tarina did it, I got the inspiration to do it. I am an art teacher in Louisville, Kentucky and have always known I have creative talents.  I love making jewelry, painting, making clothes, taking art classes, teaching children, gardening, home making, and baking.  I knew I wanted to start a business, but the question was, “what kind of business do I start?” My husband Tommy, a very loving and supportive person, helped me do research on how I would start a small business.  We researched what things my town lacked and could benefit from.  My best friend Nikki Fiely and I had always talked about our love for baking.  She took classes on cake decorating and had made a couple of wedding cakes in the past.  We put our ideas together and created a cake business, Blooming Creations. We bake and decorate cakes.  We want to make our business unique by offering many varieties of cake flavors, fillings, and styles.  We are even beginning to invent some new cake recipes.  We started the business in February and just by word of mouth, the orders started coming in.  I usually wear a piece of Tarina’s jewelry to meet a bride.  They always comment on the pieces and I tell them about Tarina’s website or refer them to the stores Girltalk or the Luna Boutique in Louisville that carry Tarina Tarantino. 

Being an artist, I love being able to sketch out cake ideas for clients and then make them a reality.  Because of the amount of orders, Nikki and I are turning my garage into a small kitchen.  Currently, Nikki and I are still teaching.  (My students adore the Hello Kitty jewelry I wear.)  We love teaching children, but also look forward to the day Blooming Creations becomes our career.  I can’t say enough about the inspiration I’ve received from first discovering Tarina Tarantino.  I love her story, her jewelry, and her ideas.  She made me realize that by surrounding yourself with inspirational, supportive people, you can do anything!!"

Check out Carolyn's delicious cakes and more at!

Tarina is back from Italy with lots to tell; check out the Butterfly Journal to read more...

We have been receiving lots of email asking about when our new Melrose Avenue boutique will be opening! It is currently in construction and scheduled to be finished sometime in late June... Unlike traditional accessories and jewelry shops this store promises to be a truly unique shopping experience. The location of this sparkling boutique is in the Melrose Heights area of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. As soon as we have an official opening date it will be posted here... For more on the Melrose store see this WWD article. I hope you will all be able to visit us when we open!

A few years ago at a pre-Oscar party in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz spotted another party goer wearing a TARINA TARANTINO carved rose bracelet in turquoise.  She immediately approached the woman, asking where she bought her bracelet.  The woman replied it was a TARINA TARANTINO bracelet she had purchased at Fred Segal.  Cameron told her how well it would match the dress she was planning to wear to the Oscars the next night.  The woman, being so generous, offered the bracelet to Cameron as a gift, but Cameron insisted on paying for it.  The next night at the Oscars, Cameron Diaz was seen wearing the TARINA TARANTINO Carved Rose Bracelet in Turquoise.  While Cameron dazzled in the limelight at the Oscars, Tarina’s telephone lit up just as bright. 

TARINA TARANTINO has created a one-of-a-kind chandelier to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary, featuring her iconic PINK HEAD. All proceeds generated benefits UNICEF and partners with Target for Children’s Charity

The jeweled and sparkling chandelier is encrusted with Swarovski crystal. PINKHEAD pendants hang gracefully from chains and ornaments, which are further embellished by dangling jewels and charms.

TARINA TARANTINO, along with many other notable fashion stars, has donated 100 pieces of jewelry for sale exclusively on the Target website during the month of November to benefit their charity, Target House, which also helps children in need. All if this is part of Sanrio’s 30th Anniversary Party for HELLO KITTY!

TARINA TARANTINO Boutique in Milan, Italy celebrates its two year anniversary.  Located in the center of Milan, near the beautiful Duomo Cathedral,  TARINA TARANTINO has Italian girls and customers from all over the world sparkling. The TARINA TARANTINO Boutique is the only store in the world that carries the entire collection, including one of a kind editorial pieces.  Her sparkling creations have become a favorite of Italian fashionistas and style icons and grace the pages of Italian Elle, Vogue and many other publications, including many of the hottest TV shows. The store is located at Galleria Passarella, 2. 20122 Milan, Italy.

TARINA TARANTINO  also celebrates the opening of their European headquarters and Showroom in Milan, Italy.  The TARINA TARANTINO showroom is an extension of our colorful, candy like showroom in Los Angeles.  Located at: Via Donatello 36 20131 Milan, Italy.

With the success of the TARINA TARANTINO boutique in Italy, TARINA TARANTINO has opened two in-store corners in Korea, one in Galleria Department Store in Kangnam-Ku, Seoul and the 2nd one in Daegu Department Store in Daegu.  Two additional in-store corners are schedule to open late in October at Shinsegae Department stores at Seocho-Ku,  Seoul & another one in Kwangju City.  TARINA TARANTINO’s rapid growth in Korea is due to the amazing reception that the first two in-store corners have received.